DZU-E-8K-M unit

DZU-E-8K-M unit

Purpose and description

Long time(semi-permanent) storage unit DZU-E-8K-M with electrical rewriting of information is intended for storing programs, subroutines and various constants. It is part of a special computer of the third generation for air defense tasks in the automation systems of the control center 86J6 "Pole-ME" and 22J6 "Desna-M" radar. DZU-E-8K-M is includes an electronic part and eight removable memory cassettes. The unut is installed in a rack along the side rails. On the front panel there are indication lamps, control sockets, connectors for communication with other devices. The sealed handle is the lock that secures the entire module to the rack.

Internal structure and specifications

All eight memory cassettes is designed to store 8192 36-bit words with a sampling time of 1.2 μs and a minimum cycle of 1.5 μs. Memory cassettes is long blue at the photos. Readout amplifiers (at the photo are short blue ones) are connected to each cassette through the connector, which serve to receive information from cassetes and amplify the received signals.

Additional information

Developed by Moscow Research Institute of Instrument Automation. Maked in 1991.

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