Memory casette of DZU-E-8K-M unit

Memory casette of DZU-E-8K-M unit

Purpose and description

Memory cassette of DZU-E-8K-M (ДЗУ-E-8K-M) unit, which contains eight such cassettes. Each cassette contains a diode decoder, biax storage ferrite elements and a bus system for recording, polling and reading. Unit with cassettes used in air defense systems.

Internal structure and specifications

The storage element of the cassette is biax. The cassette contains 512 main (working) and 16 backup address interrogation buses (lines). Each address bus passes through 37 biaxes, of which 36 are primary and one backup. The bus (line) passes through 1024 workers and 32 backup biaxes located on different address buses. To reduce interference, the data line is made using a two-wire circuit. Thus, 39072 biaxes are placed in the memory part of the cassette, of which 36964 are working. To read information from the memory, it is necessary to generate a reading current in one of the interrogation buses. The selection of the desired word occurs in the readout amplifiers (a separate cassette docking to each of the cassettes).

Additional information

Developed by Moscow Research Institute of Instrument Automation. Produced by Pravdinsky Radio Plant. Maked in 1989.

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