Type MP-3 matrix ferrite core memory cube

Type MP-3 matrix ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

Military memory module with ferrite memory cube. Boards with diodes are located at the ends of the cube. Through the corners of the matrices there are rods on which additional printed ones with electronic components are threaded, and metal covers are installed at the ends of the module, which are at the same time part of the mounting chassis. There are six printed circuit boards (three on each side). They contain transformers, trimming resistors (apparently for setting the values ​​of read-write currents), blocks of pulse transformers. In general, the construction is very similar to the 1Kx12 MOZU cube . Perhaps this module was called MOZU Cube 1Kx6.

Internal structure and specifications

The cube is assembled from six matrices of the MP-3 type. These are double-sided matrices, each side (A and B) contains 4096 ferrite rings in two groups. Thus, the total memory capacity of the cube is 6 Kilobytes.

Additional information

Developed by Scientific Research Institute of Automatic Equipment named after academician V.S. Semenikhin. Maked in 1979.

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