"MOZU 1Kx12" unit

"MOZU 1Kx12" unit

Purpose and description

The cube was installed in a module named "MOZU 1K x 12", which means "Magnetic random access memory in 12 plates of one kilobit each. The module consists of the ferrite core cube and electronic boards both installed in metal chassis. The module was used in stationary military equipment.

Internal structure and specifications

The cube consists of 12 plates of the MP-2 type. Each plate contains 1024 ferrite rings arranged in two groups, 16 x 32 each. Between the plates are protective insulating films. The memory capacity of the cube is 1.5 Kilobytes.

Additional information

The cube shown in the photo was made in 1974, but I know the same type modules maked in 1988.

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