MKPK-PM3K01 core rope memory

MKPK-PM3K01 core rope memory

Purpose and description

Core rope memory of unknown purpose, presumably from the equipment of the Navy. The copy is partially damaged, devoid of diode assemblies - decoders, but the ferrite part is in good condition. The iron case has ventilation holes, it is closed by a removable cover, under which there is a memory part. Below the case has a second cover, under which there is an electronic part responsible for decoding addresses. On the back there are two rack connectors, and on the sides there are guide rails. There is an inscription "Caution! Firmware" on the top cover. There are two nameplates on the body - MKPK-PM3K01 and MKP-144-1 (where 144 is the number of cores).

Internal structure and specifications

Contains 144 U-shaped ferrite cores, divided into 18 groups of 8 pieces. Each group is closed with a plastic cover. Six thin code wires - address buses - pass through the cores. The wires are wrapped in different ways around the cores, thereby encoding a logical 0 or 1. In total, 864 data bits can be stored in this way. The directions of the wires are indicated by arrows, there are indications of the beginning and end, the cores are numbered. By the way, six wires for such devices are very few - usually their number is measured in several hundred. Perhaps the device was not flashed or "dense" firmware was not allowed specifically to preserve the ability to quickly flash with a small required amount of stored data.

Additional information

Developed by Research Institute of Automatic Equipment named after academician V.S.Semenikhin. Maked in 1973.

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