SM-1 computer ferrite core memory

SM-1 computer ferrite core memory

Purpose and description

The A211-15 board is a RAM module of the CM-1P processor unit from the CM-1 computer (aka module A131-10). They represent a very large (367 x 367 mm) printed circuit board on which, in addition to electronic components, there is a connector into which a smaller MF-3 board is installed, containing diode assemblies - decoders and two ferrite fields, covered with iron protective covers. The processor unit was installed from 2 to 4 such boards.

Internal structure and specifications

The ferrite field is two-sided, each side consists of 18 groups of ferrite rings, each 64 by 32 in size. Thus, the MF-3 memory module can store 9 kilobytes of data or 4096 of 18-bit words.

Additional information

The board produced by Mogilev plant "Technopribor" and maked in 1981, MF-3 maked in 1980 (my exhibits are taken from different computers).

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