Core rope memory cassette

Core rope memory cassette

Purpose and description

The purpose is unknown. Long (37 centimeters) metal case, on two sides it is closed with removable green covers, at the bottom there are pins for connection and a hole for a fixing bolt. One side of the cassette is occupied by a memory part and a block with terminals for connecting code wires. On the other side there is a printed circuit board with diodes - decoders.

Internal structure and specifications

Cassettes contains 112 U-shaped ferrite cores. 78 code wires pass through them. In this way, 1092 bits of data can be stored. The decoder uses 256 diodes, placed in two-layer groups of 32 pieces, but only 39 of them are involved.

Additional information

Developed by "Agat" Scientific Production Association and Kazan Plant of Medical Equipment. Produced by Fryazinsky plant named after the 50th anniversary of the USSR. Maked in 1977.

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