M4-2M computer ferrite core memory cube

M4-2M computer ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

A unit of random access memory from an early warning system computer М4-2М (version 5E73). The unit is a metal chassis in which a memory cube is installed, printed circuit boards with diode decoders, external connection connector plugs and temperature sensors. The cube is equipped with a heating system built into each ferrite matrices. To control the temperature, four mercury thermal contactors with a response temperature of 35 degrees Celsius are placed on both sides of the cube. The matrices are connected by wires to the printed circuit boards, and a wire goes from each board to the external connectors. The ends of the cube are closed with two layers of iron covers - one protective, the other for the installation of wiring harnesses.

Internal structure and specifications

The cube consists of 32 ferrite matrices filled with a transparent protective compound. In the inner space of the compound there are toroidal ferrite cores, wires for various purposes and a layer of special foil for heating the plates. U-shaped slots are made in the foil for each core, which are, as it were, put on the "tongue" between the "legs of the U". The cores have an elongated shape, laid in a longitudinal axis in one direction so that one of the address wires loops between them. The heating wires run on the other side of the foil layer. The cores and address wires are visible only from one side of the matrix. On the other side, the heating wires are visible. Each matrix contains 4096 (64 by 64) ferrite cores, the ferrite field is divided into 4 groups, 32 by 32 each. The matrix's frame is made of metal, has a vertical crosspiece. The frame contains the pin numbers and the names of the sides of the plates. Plates are soldered by leads in pairs, sides with cores inward. Adjacent pairs of matrices are connected only by wires. The total memory capacity of the cube is 16 kilobytes. Due to the compound, the weight of the cube with boards and connectors (what is shown in the photo) is 22 kg. With the metal chassis is even bigger.

Additional information

Developed by Scientific Research Institute of Computing Complexes named after M.A.Kartsev. Maked in в 1976.

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