KP 128/17-M70 ferrite core memory cube

KP 128/17-M70 ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

KP 128/17-M70 ferrite core memory cube was developed in the mid-60s, in KB-2 of electronic equipment under the leadership of Philip Georgievich Staros. The cube was used, in particular, as a random access memory of various naval's computers. It is a parallelepiped from the bottom of which there are electrical legs-leads. The structure is not demountable, the inner content is filled with a protective compound.

Internal structure and specifications

A cube can store 128 of 17-bit words, or 272 bytes. Inside there are multi-hole ferrite plates and a decoding system. Photos of the content can be seen here .

Additional information

Produced at the LEMZ plant. Maked in 1979. There are at least two modifications of such cubes, differing in the material used for the cores - either M70 or 1M, with 1M being the earliest models.

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