Space vehicle core rope memory

Space vehicle core rope memory

Purpose and description

Core rope memoty unit 4SET1YAP2 (4СЕТ1ЯП2) is a long-term storage device from an unknown on-board computer for space purposes. The module consists of three submodules housed in a sealed duralumin case and connected by wires in book like construction. Two submodules contain U-shaped ferrite cores and a number of small boards with micro-assemblies. The third contains connectors for external connection and electronic boards with SMD components. Hybrid integrated circuits are located on the side of the cores, each in an individual case.

Internal structure and specifications

Submodules with ferrite cores are called YAS-ROM (ЯС-ПЗУ). Each of them contains 64 groups of U-shaped ferrite cores, four in each group, 256 pieces in total. Thus, the unit consists of 512 U-shaped cores. Inside each submodule, 256 cores are divided into two logical groups of 128 pieces each with individual code wires. Code wires run through the cores. Each logical group is stitched with 256 code wires, which gives 8 kilobytes of data for each submodule and 16 kilobytes for all unit.

Additional information

Developed by Research Institute of Microdevices. Maked in 1982.

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