Core memory of identification friend or foe system

Core memory of identification friend or foe system

Purpose and description

According to some sources, this is part of the module responsible for the state identification system of the MiG-29 military aircraft. In other words, the "Friend or Foe" system. The device is a small printed circuit board on one side of which an array of memory cores is mounted, which is closed with a protective cover. Around it and on the back side there are various electronic components. On one side of the board are the remnants of the connecting electrical cable.

Internal structure and specifications

The memory cores are biaxes. Placed in special holders in the form of a two-layer matrix of 24 by 9. In total unit contains 432 biaxes. Memory capacity is 432 bits.

Additional information

Developed by Kazan Research Institute of Radio Electronics named after Shymko. Maked in 1988.

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