ES-5568 microcode memory unit

ES-5568 microcode memory unit

Purpose and description

Microinstruction memory unit from a removable disk drive control device. The EC-5568 Removable Disk Manager is designed to manage up to eight EC-5061 drives with EC-5261 Replacement Disk Packages. The disk package consisted of 11 disks on one spindle, with a total capacity of 29 MB. The device could be connected to the EC-1022, EC-1033, EC-1035, EC-1045, EC-1052, EC-1060 computers and others, ensuring compatibility in the transmission format and minimum data reading speed. It is a small board with a removable plastic protective cover and a edge connector.

Internal structure and specifications

The memory part consists of 90 O-shaped ferrite cores, sewn with code wires (address buses). 256 wires come from 32 diode assemblies - decoders. This way you can store up to 2880 bytes of data.

Additional information

Developed by Penza Scientific Research Institute of Computer Engineering. Maked in august of 1979. Electronic component marked for military use.

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