ES-3220 ferrite core memory

ES-3220 ferrite core memory

Purpose and description

Plates from the random access memory of the ES EVM computer family. Inside the rack, the plates were installed vertically, connected to each other in a single field.

Internal structure and specifications

Ferrite cores are laid on a duralumin base, a layer of foam rubber was on top and was covered with a protective plastic cover with a seal. One plate contains 50688 ferrite rings. The ferrite field consists of 48 groups, each 16 by 66 (1056 rings). However, some of the bits are used for ECC, so that the memory size of one group is 1024 bits, and the memory size of the plate is 6 kilobytes.

Additional information

Produced by на Minsk computer plant. Maked in 1981.

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