Core rope memory module

Core rope memory module

Purpose and description

A small core rope memory module of unknown non-military purpose. Perhaps from a scientific or measurement device. It is a printed circuit board with one connector on one end and "ears" clamps on the other. The front side is closed with a plastic protective cover. On the lid there is a handwritten inscription: "Autostart stitched T = 1 hour 2.11.90" and a list. There were also versions of this module with a transparent cover. The back side is covered with a transparent sheet to protect the readout windings. On the front side there are memory elements, diode assemblies - decoders and some auxiliary electronic components.

Internal structure and specifications

The memory part consists of 24 U-shaped ferrite cores stitched with 256 code wires - address buses. This allows 768 bits of data to be stored.

Additional information

Developed by Specialized Research Institute of Instrumentation. Maked in 1987.

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