"Argon-15" mission computer core rope memory unit

"Argon-15" mission computer core rope memory unit

Purpose and description

Mission computer "Argon-15" is used on various vehilces like an aircraft or ground mobile military systems. It contains two types of long-term memory - ROM and Rewritable ROM. The ROM is located inside the on-board computer case, and the Rewritable ROM is a small separate unit that is not included in the "basic kit" and is connected with a cable through a connector. The ROM stores service programs that determine the purpose of the complex, that is, programs for "inserting" a mission computer into the general control system of a vehilce. For different vehilce, their own firmware. This copy of the ROM was used as part of the "Buk" air defense system (NATO reporting name SA-6 "Gainful"). Block name "2-47 delta" (nameplate on the body). The body is sealed; a gas valve is installed on one of the walls. On the front side there is a handle, a grounding terminal and a sealing stud. On the back there is a connector for connecting a cable.

Internal structure and specifications

Two printed circuit boards are mounted inside. On one there is a ferrite elements, on the other there is a integrated circuits. The boards are interconnected like a book sheets. The sides of the board with memory elements are signed by tinning as ROM A (ДЗУ А) and ROM B (ДЗУ Б). The memory part consists of 40 elements, each of which consists of four U-shaped ferrite cores, spring-loaded from above with a special adjustable clamp. On the sides of the memory elements there are two groups of diode assemblies, 64 assemblies each. 1024 code wires depart from them. Thus, memory capacity is 20 kilobytes.

Additional information

Developed by "Argon" Research Institute. Maked in 1985, in subsequent years, semiconductor memory was used instead of ferrite in this unit.

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