"Argon-10" mission computer core rope memory unit

"Argon-10" mission computer core rope memory unit

Purpose and description

Core rope memory from mission computer "Argon-10". It is a metal frame with printed circuit boards placed on each side. The frame is inserted into the rack, on the front side there is a connection connector and sockets for fastening bolts. There is a nameplates with model name and serial number. Several such units were installed in the computer. On one printed circuit board, mainly the memory part and diode decoders are located, and on the other board there are integrated circuits and hybrid integrated circuits.

Internal structure and specifications

The memory part consists of 160 W-shaped ferrite cores, divided into 80 pairs. 512 code wires - address buses - pass through the cores. The memory capacity is 10 kilobytes.

Additional information

Developed by "Argon" Research Institute, produced by "Progress" Astrakhan machine-building plant. Maked in 1983.

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