"Videoton" ferrite core memory cube

"Videoton" ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

The memory cube used in the time conversion system. The frames are made of PCB, the wires are led out through the cut thin slots. From two side ends it can be closed with thick aluminum covers and assembled to be mounted in a special chassis with a carrying handle. On the roofs, the sides of the cube are indicated from A to H. The chassis and covers are fixed by four bolts with plastic spacers and nuts, passing through the entire cube. In this form, the cube resembles the Imperial fighter from the movie "Star Wars".

Internal structure and specifications

The cube consists of twelve matrices. Two of them are just frames for conclusions, and the other ten with ferrite rings in the amount of 1024 per one. Ferrite field two groups 16 by 32. Total memory capacity is 1280 bytes. The rings and wires are covered with varnish, each plate is separate with air gaps between them.

Additional information

Produced by the Hungarian company Videoton. The lid is engraved with the code B8 749 09/0510 060. The cube was made in 1965.

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