"Minks-32" computer ferrite core memory cube

"Minks-32" computer ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

Such cubes were used in the Minsk-32 computer, but not as random access memory, but for some auxiliary purposes. The cube with the remains of the wires was dismantled from the remains of the rack of this computer.

Internal structure and specifications

Consists of eight T62 matrices connected in pairs by threaded connections and forming pairs with a common soldering of the leads. The outermost matrices are used to arrange wire connections between pins. The remaining matrices alternate matrices with ferrite rings so that the wires pass outside the frames. With such an organization, the available plates are only enough for three core matrices. The memory capacity of the plate is 612 bits. Ferrite field 34x18 (4 groups, each 17x9). The total memory capacity of the cube is 1836 bits.

Additional information

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