Unknown ferrite core memory cube (3)

Unknown ferrite core memory cube (3)

Purpose and description

The cube consists of nine double-sided ferrite matrices. Ferrite rings ings are laid on a textolite base sandwiched between two frames. The matrices are fastened to each other with special hollow bolts. The original had more matrices. One of the ends of the cube is covered with a textolite board with mounting holes. On the board there are conductive paths and a handwritten inscription "Tab No. 713. Petrasheva". All cube matrices are specially scratched in one of the corners. Perhaps this is how the factory marked the orientation of the plates for correct assembly.

Internal structure and specifications

The memory capacity of one matrix is 8192 bits, 4096 bits on each side. Ferrite field 64x64 (2 groups, each 64x32). The memory capacity of the cube is 9 Kilobytes.

Additional information

The manufacturer is not known. Manufactured in 1987.

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