40-820-500-01 unit ferrite core memory cube

40-820-500-01 unit ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

40-820-500-01 unit ferrite core memory cube. It was used (probably) in the equipment of the automated combat control system of the Polyana-D4 anti-aircraft missile brigade. The module contains two such cubes in a common housing. In the rear part of the case there are connectors for connecting the module to the rack.

Internal structure and specifications

Each cube consists of nine PBM type ferrite matrices. Two boards with diode assemblies are soldered along the two outer wide ends of the cube. The PBM type ferrite plate is of frameless type. In it, ferrite rings do not hang on taut threads, but are laid on the solid base of the plate and filled with varnish. Each such plate contains 32768 ferrite beads located in the central part on both sides of the plate. (on the 16384 side). The total memory capacity of the cube is 36 kilobytes.

Additional information

Produced by Astrakhan plant "Progress". The diode assemblies are manufactured in 1989, the matrices (according to some information) were made in the 90-92s.

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