Computer terminal core rope memory

Computer terminal core rope memory

Purpose and description

Core rope memory board of the computer terminal. The exact name of the terminal is not known, possibly of the SM series computer. Purpose - a character generator, about which the abbreviation ZNG2M (ЗНГ2М) is applied in the corner of the board. The board is double-sided. On one side, storage cores and code wires are predominantly located, on the opposite side, read windings and address decoders in the form of a large field of KT315 transistors and auxiliary microcircuits. The connection to the basket is via a connector.

Internal structure and specifications

Сontains 40 U-shaped ferrite cores. On the side of the readout windings, the cores are covered with a transparent plexiglass cover. 352 code wires (address buses) run through the cores. Some of the buses (five wires are laid outside the common harness) can be control. Thus, the maximum memory capacity of the device is 14080 bits or 1760 bytes.

Additional information

Maked in 1979

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