SM-1 computer core rope memory

SM-1 computer core rope memory

Purpose and description

ROM of the CM-1P processor from the CM-1 computer (also known as the A131-10 module). It is a large (dimensions 367 x 367 mm) printed circuit board on which four groups of U-shaped ferrite cores are mounted, four groups of diode assemblies - decoders and auxiliary radio components.

Internal structure and specifications

Each group contains 72 cores, stitched with 256 address wires, which gives 18432 bits of stored information or 1024 of 17-bit machine words. Thus, the total amount of ROM is 4096 of 17-bit words or 8 kilobytes. Diode assemblies, in the amount of 32 pieces per group, are installed in circles in special plastic sockets. Magnetic cores, address wires and diode assemblies are covered from above with protective plastic covers.

Additional information

The board is marked BP-27/2 at the end. Manufacturer (probably) Mogilev plant "Technopribor". Maked in 1980.

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