"BZM-7" ferrite core memory cube

"BZM-7" ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

A cube from the (probably) equipment of the automated combat control system of the Polyana-D4 anti-aircraft missile brigade. On the two outer ends of the cube, two boards with diode assemblies are soldered, and the cube itself is installed in an openwork steel chassis, which has a system of attachment to the outer rack. Electrical leads from the cube are woven into six bundles and terminate in five round shape connectors. For the strength of the connections, the place where the harnesses exit from the cube is reinforced with plastic support pads to prevent unwanted bends.

Internal structure and specifications

Consists of fourteen PBM type ferrite matrices. Such a ferrite matrix is of the frameless type. In it, ferrite rings do not hang on taut threads, but are laid on the solid base of the plate and are filled with protective varnish. Each side of such a plate contains 16384 ferrite rings located in the central part. There are 32768 rings on the plate in total, which gives 4 KB of memory. The total volume of the cube is 56 kilobytes.

Additional information

The chassis is marked B3M-7, on boards with diode assemblies the number is 40-200-288-153. Produced by the Astrakhan plant "Progress". Maked in 1983.

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