BP-20 ferrite core memory cube

BP-20 ferrite core memory cube

Purpose and description

Such cubes were used in the А211-18 RAM module, computer systems of the CM-2 family (M-6000 / M-7000 ASVT-M). Structurally, the cube is made in the form of a package consisting of 18 ferrite matrices and 4 diode matrix blocks of the same type. The matrix package is installed in a metal frame and secured with tie rods. Blocks of diode matrices are also mounted on a metal frame through adapter sleeves and fixed with screws. The frame on one side is sheathed with a front panel, on which grips are installed for removing or installing the cube. On the opposite side of the frame there are 5 movable inserts for connecting the cube to the rack.

Internal structure and specifications

The cube consists of 18 ferrite matrices. ZVT-1K type cores with dimensions of 1.0 x 0.7 x 0.35 mm are used as a memory elements in ferrite matrices. Memory capacity of one matrix is 4096 bits. The ferrite field consists of 16 groups of 16 by 16 cores. The total memory capacity of the cube is 9 kilobytes.

Additional information

Cubes were produced by various factories. I know - "Selena", "Schetmash" and the Mogilev plant "Technopribor". Years of release from the mid 70th and early 80th.

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