64N6 "Big Bird" core rope memory

64N6 "Big Bird" core rope memory

Purpose and description

Core rope memory used by 64N6 "Big Bird" detection radar. The 64N6 "Big Bird" detection radar is designed to detect and track targets and determine their nationality to provide radar information to the combat control center of the S-300PM air defense system (NATO reporting name SA-10e). Outside is a metal "suitcase" with a handle and four connectors that connect it to the rack. The sides of the "suitcase" are printed circuit boards with diode assemblies from the outside. On the inner sides are storage ferrite cores.

Internal structure and specifications

Contains 137 U-shaped cores, 68 on one board and 69 on the other. 784 thin copper wires pass through the cores - the address buses. The wires are wrapped in different ways around the cores, thereby encoding a logical 0 or 1. In total, 107408 data bits can be stored in this way.

Additional information

Developed by Scientific Research Institute of Measuring Instruments, also known as Novosibirsk Plant named after the Komintern. The year of manufacture of diode assemblies is 1983, connectors are 1985. The dates for 1985 are manually printed on the boards. Perhaps these are the dates of reflashing or repair.

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