B-16 RAM unit of "Dnepr" computer

B-16 RAM unit of "Dnepr" computer

Purpose and description

B-16 is a random access memory unit. Used in the control computer "Dnepr". One computer could contain up to eight such blocks. Unit have a steel case with a removable cover. On the front side there is a handle for installing the unit in rack. On the back side there are four electrical connector plugs. Inside there are eight of the same type of printed circuit boards, each of which contains a ferrite matrix and auxiliary electronic components.

Internal structure and specifications

Inside the case are exist eight ferrite matrices, each of which contains 3432 (66 x 26 in two layers) ferrite rings of the FKZ-10 type. 2D type memory organization using two ferrite rings per one bit of information. Based on this, the memory capacity of each plate is 1716 bits, and the entire block can store 512 words of 26-bit each (13312 bits, each matrix of the block is 64 words). The remaining 416 bits (16 words of 26-bit each or two words per matrix) fell on check bits for ECC.

Additional information

The unit was produces by the Kiev Computing and Control Machines Plant. Maked in 1969.

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