5N63S mobile command post core rope memory

5N63S mobile command post core rope memory

Purpose and description

It is used in the equipment of the mobile command post 5N63S. The mobile command post 5N63S with illumination and guidance radar is a control device for the S-300 anti-aircraft missile system and is designed to receive and test target designations from control devices. The memory device consists of three double-sided printed circuit boards that can open like s book. A fastening bolt-lock passes through all boards, preventing accidental opening. On one of the boards there is a memory part, on the other auxiliary electronic components. At the ends of the two boards there are three electrical connectors for connecting to the rack. The unit is enclosed in a removable metal cassette case, the rack contained several such cassettes. There are several variations of this unit, named as FV000-2M, FV000-4M, FV000-6M structurally differ slightly. More modern versions of this unit do not have ferrite memory. The memory of its based on seven 556RT7A microcircuits and are called ROM 4Kx26, ROM 4Kx26M, keeping the same dimensions, external case and method of connecting to the rack (number, location and type of connectors) as in the ferrite core memory version.

Internal structure and specifications

Transformer type core rope memory. The memory part contains four groups of U-shaped ferrite cores. Each group contains 36 ferrites, with a total of 144 ferrites. The groups are closed with plastic covers. Each group connects to the neighboring board through 37 pin connector, where each contact corresponds to one address wire. Thus, the maximum memory capacity of the unit is 2644 bytes. Also ferrite rings are located under the cover of the block named PT32M, that located on one of the boards.

Additional information

Developed by scientific production association "Almaz". Maked in 1988.

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